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Our Restaurant-Winery and Vineyard reflects the traditions of the region, where for decades vines climbed the walls of every home, meals were prepared in the traditional way from regional products using homegrown natural herbs and spices. The bread was baked in the bread oven, meats acquired their unique taste in the smokehouse, and the vegetables came from the garden. We make every effort to provide the same atmosphere in our small restaurant... so we invite you to taste our wine, cuisine and enjoy the scenic position of our vineyard ...

Hanna Winery<br>and Vineyard


Vineyard Hanna Situated in the heart of Europe, is a beautiful place steeped in multiculturism. This gives a remarkable and unique flavour not only to wine but also to life …so we invite you to taste our wine, cuisine and enjoy our scenic position.


Winery Hanna - Is a stylish indoor restaurant which seats up to 50 guests, a spacious terrace overlooking the vineyard, and a rustic gazebo with traditional coal stove, a smokehouse, barbecue, bread oven and a banqueting space.



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We are working

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